My short story There's a Dead Bear in the Pool, is included in the first issue of Black Telephone Magazine:

What would you say if you stepped into the phone booth and pulled the curtain closed behind you? Think of Black Telephone Magazine as the astral phone booth where you deliver your dark transmissions into the ether. Between these covers you will find haunting unconventional narratives that push the boundaries of genre & form in poetry, fiction & essays. This is our first transmission. Welcome to Black Telephone Magazine.


Shane Allison, Azia Archer, Tara Calaby, L Chan, Michael Chang, Clay McLeod Chapman, Kristin Cleaveland, Jacques Debrot, Bryan Edenfield, Charlene Elsby, Maria Greer, Lisa Grgas, Hannah Neal, Elliot Harper, Victoria Hunter, Jessie Janeshek, Cynthia Pelayo, Dimitri Reyes, Robin Sinclair, April Sopkin, Emelia Steenekamp, Crystal Stone, Kailey Tedesco, Stephanie Valente, Stephanie Wytovich.

Edited by Leza Cantoral and Lindsey Lerman

Also available via Amazon: UK and USA

Paperback: $16.95

Published: 16th February 2021