Book One of the Trilogy of Zand

Dasein: he craves it, he needs it. The needle rules his whole life, but when he stumbles upon a mysterious object, his world is thrown into disarray. Can he fight his addiction long enough to survive, or will he succumb to the monsters living without and within?

 "The world Harper has built is vast, engaging, so alive and vibrant it’s impossible not to be fascinated with. From Pau Market, a place at once intriguing and dangerous, to the south, where indebted slaves pull buses without engines, fed enough water to keep them upright enough to earn money for their masters. It isn’t a pleasant place, far from it; but it’s an intriguing place, one you have to keep reading about to try and garner more clues, to try and learn more about what’s going on. Harper feeds information sparingly, but gives just enough so as to keep you hooked, and make you want more."

-   Robert Welbourn, author of Ideal Angels

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This dark science-fiction novella is independently published. Available in paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited from Amazon. 


A factory which houses a fantastical creature. An unexpected guest for brunch. The streets that must be cleaned. A curious incident in a pub. The bones of a long-forgotten creature. A man with only the rocks and dust to keep him company. The beginning and the end. A sound that is terrible to behold. A short stop. The car that cannot be moved. A party that is impossible to be late for. The master with a mission that spans across dimensions. A journey that never ends.

“On Time Travel and Tardiness is Vandermeer, Vonnegut and Stephen King all rolled up into one. Harper’s imagination is huge and will make you laugh as often as it will scare you to death. Each story has its own atmosphere, and I was gripped from beginning to end without fail. Harper’s writing makes you feel like you’re privy to the beginnings of a big secret, one you must know much more about.”

-   Robert Welbourn, author of Ideal Angels

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This Science-Fiction Short Story Collection is independently published. Available in paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited from Amazon. 


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