The Wild Hunt: Stories of the Chase

My short story Into the Forest, is included in the print anthology, The Wild Hunt, published by Air and Nothingness Press.

The Wild Hunt: Stories of the Chase
by Angeline B. Adams and Remco van Straten, asch, Alicia Cay, Graeme Davis, Claire Davon, Buzz Dixon, Paula Hammond, Elliot Harper, John P. Kenny, Jamie Lackey, Evergreen Lee, Hailey Piper, Jan Rivers, Maria Schrater, Allyson Shaw, and Christine Aikens Wolfe

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158 pgs. perfect bound edition with french flaps - 150 copies
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The Wild Hunt occurs in European folklore and typically involves a ghostly or supernatural group of hunters passing in wild pursuit. The hunters may be elves, or fairies, or the dead, and the leader of the hunt is often a named figure associated with Odin, but may variously be a historical, legendary, or biblical figure, or an unidentified lost soul or spirit either male or female.

Seeing the Wild Hunt was thought to presage some catastrophe such as war or plague, or, at best, the death of the one who witnessed it. People encountering the Hunt might also be abducted to the underworld or the fairy kingdom. In some instances, it was also believed that people's spirits could be pulled away during their sleep to join the cavalcade.

Collected here are all new stories of the Wild Hunt incorporating its diverse mythology and drama.

The Wild Hunt features the stories:
Cycle of the White Hart by Hailey Piper
The Unquiet Night by Claire Davon
No Iron in Eden by Maria Schrater
Tomb For Two by Jan Rivers
The Wild Mouse Hunt by Evergreen Lee
A Voice Fleeing in the Wilderness by Buzz Dixon
Holda's Road by Allyson Shaw
A-Wilding She Will Go by Paula Hammond
Into the Forest by Elliot Harper
Red Ears by Graeme Davis
Owl and Stag by Christine Aikens Wolfe
Harry the Nab and the Management Challenge by John P. Kenny
The End of Winter by Alicia Cay
The Sound of Their Beating Wings by Jamie Lackey
25 Minutes by asch
With One Eye, Bright as a Star by Angeline B. Adams and Remco van Straten

Unnumbered edition - $25.00US + $6.50s/h (US Orders) or $23.50s/h (Foreign Orders)

Published: 9th January 2021


Black Telephone Magazine: Issue 1

My short story There's a Dead Bear in the Pool, is included in the first issue of Clash Book's Black Telephone:



What would you say if you stepped into the phone booth and pulled the curtain closed behind you? Think of Black Telephone Magazine as the astral phone booth where you deliver your dark transmissions into the ether. Between these covers you will find haunting unconventional narratives that push the boundaries of genre & form in poetry, fiction & essays. This is our first transmission. Welcome to Black Telephone Magazine.

Paperback: $16.95



Popshot Quarterly: The Protest Issue

To read my short story Blackout, follow the below link to Popshot Quarterly's Protest Issue:

The 30th issue of Popshot Quarterly is now on sale featuring a poem by guest author Shagufta K. Iqbal. Cover illustration by Neil Webb.

The Protest Issue is a collection of vivid writing about what leads people to take to the streets or to speak out in protest. It includes literal and allegorical forms of opposition, from loud and shouty activism, to awkward but neccessary acts of solidarity, and hidden demonstrations of dissent.

Words by Harry Wilding, Lyn Patterson, Niklas Salmi, Vivian Pencz, Jonathan Pizarro, Kevin Mannion, Veronica Mattaboni, Jesse Little, Oeil Jumratsilpa, Leila Slim Diakomanolis, Sophie Kearing, Shagufta K. Iqbal, Sam Roberts, Sam Burt, Eva Hibbs, Gail Anderson, Adam Schwartz, Chiara Bullen, Elliot Harper, Peter Grandbois, Elle Heedles, Tammy Zhu, Alison Binney.

Illustrations by Antoine Doré, Charlotte Bayliss, Connie Noble, Freya Lowy Clark, Hazel Mason, Isip Xin, Jack Holland, Janina Diller, Jared Briggs, Jen Yoon, Jet Hilferink, Lea Linin, Lizzie Quirke, Maisy Summer, Naomi Ann Clarke, Neil Webb, Nell McKeon, Where I Draw, Sabba Khan, Salvador Verano, Sophie Parsons, Sophy Smith.

Magazine: £6.00-7.50

Also, available in digital format via Amazon Kindle USA and UK.

Published: 5th November 2020


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