• Elliot Harper

MicroBlog 3: April Fools' Day

“Here you go!” Dave carefully lays down a tray filled with biscuits, crisps, sandwiches and much more, on his desk. He looks very pleased with himself.

“What’s that for then?” I ask.

Dave frowns and looks agitated by my question. “It’s April Foods' Day, mate.”

From across the office, Harry, his head tipped backwards, begins to roar with laughter.

Dave still doesn’t get it. He looks from me to Harry and then back again, and shrugs his shoulders. “What?”

I have to break it to him. “It’s April Fools' Day, you cretin!”

Dave’s face clouds with anger, and he abruptly turns towards Harry, his finger pointing menacingly. “You bastard!”

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