• Elliot Harper

MicroBlog 4: RoadTrips

Road Trips in the USA: A series of questions

What’s with all these Jesus billboards?

Why would a truck driver have a sticker saying ‘Socialism Sucks’ on the back of his vehicle?

Why are there so many abandoned cars?

Why do 18 wheelers race each other?

And everyone else?

How come there’s always road works on the I-10?

Why do I always need a piss straight away?

Who the fuck is the Texas Hammer?

Why would you lower your truck if you’ve spent all that money on it?

Why do people drive like they’ve got a death wish?

Why is Buc-cee’s the best and worst place in Texas?

Why do people always crash on a bridge?

Why would you drive a motorbike on the I-10?

And not wear a helmet?

How did that mattress get in the middle of the freeway?

And that fridge?

What’s with all the giant American flags?

Where have all the Donald Trump signs gone? (sniggers knowingly)

Does the world really need so many McDonald’s?

And, finally, why do we go on these road trips?


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